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 A coming of age story set in ENGLAND during the early eighties; Disco, Divas, Drugs and Drag.

Together SIMON and JACK start the journey from adolescence to adulthood. How will they both survive?

On the eve of his sixteenth birthday SIMON falls for JACK, the handsome but self destructive hero of the school rugby team. The attraction is instant and powerful.

At SIMON’S birthday party things start to unravel. SIMON and JACK escape to London - to a world of costumes, colour, music and crims. In a blur of drugs and drag, each must find his way of surviving London in the Eighties.

As JACK spirals into a world of heroin and prostitution, selling himself to whoever will pay the “freight”, SIMON soars as the glamorous “HOSTESS” of a popular drag club.

In a blur of drugs and drag, hope fades for one and a new day dawns for the other.

Reading copy script available on request.


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